Scott Strode
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Founder and Executive Director

Team Director & Founder: I am a PA boy who landed in CO after eleven years in Boston. I found sobriety on April 8 1997. One of the most influential factors in my sobriety was getting involved in boxing and climbing. I have since developed a passion for mountain biking, triathlon, running, ... View Full Bio

Jacquelyn Hillios
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Director of Research

After bouncing back and forth between California and Massachusetts, I’ve found middle ground here in Colorado working with Phoenix Multisport.  I’ve been an avid climber and outdoor enthusiast for a number of years and met Scott Strode while climbing in Boston.  When talk... View Full Bio

Orange County, California

Kaitlin Honeycutt
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Hey everybody!!!! I'm so so so excited to be apart of the Phoenix movement and help people in their recovery gain community and support through health and fitness. This is a sweet posed and filtered photo of me - taken for a photo shoot for Grit Cycle, where I am a spin instructor! I've been s... View Full Bio

Lauren Slivinski
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Director of Programming and Partnerships

I am an active nature enthusiast and nutrition nut! I grew up playing soccer year-round, spending time in nature, and my favorite family vacations involved back-packing or skiing.  Despite early signs of alcoholism, I was fortunate to get through high school in Chicago (go Cubs!) and rece... View Full Bio

Mario Rossi
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I have always loved the outdoors and competitive sports! Having grown up hunting, fishing, hiking, rock climbing and mountain biking, I’ve always felt a deep connection with nature. When I began drinking and partying in high school, I slowly lost touch with what was important to me. I wa... View Full Bio

Boulder, Colorado

Mike Britton
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Boulder Chapter Manager

Hi, I'm Mike. I feel very lucky to be working for Phoenix Multisport! It is a dream job that fits amazingly well with my interests and experiences! I've always been passionate about the outdoors, nature and being physically active. On Sept 23, 2003, I made the decision to live a sober lifestyl... View Full Bio

Rob Baumgartner
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Boulder Chapter Coordinator/Senior Instructor

I grew up in Boulder and spent a lot of time camping, skiing, and hiking. My love for the mountains was one of the reasons I chose to go to school at CU-Boulder, but while I still found time to ski, my priorities began to shift as I spent more and more time partying, then took a job as a barte... View Full Bio

Sean Cahill
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Senior Instructor/Manager

I am very honored and excited to be a part of the Phoenix Multisport staff. This is truly a dream job for me. It is awesome to have the opportunity to work with an organization that I so strongly believe in. I was born in Connecticut and grew up bouncing between there and New York. After high ... View Full Bio

Denver, Colorado

Brett Wyker
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Enrollment and Evaluation Associate

Hi. I’m Brett and I’m so excited to be a part of the Phoenix Multisport team! I have a long history of studying the benefits of physical activity and, as I've become more and more involved in trail/ultra running over the past few years, I have seen first-hand the support and motiva... View Full Bio

Kelly Cave
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Administrative Assistant/Instructor

I am very excited to join the Phoenix Multisport team as an Administrative Assistant and Level 1 CrossFit Trainer in Denver! I found Phoenix Multisport when I first got sober a few years ago and I haven’t looked back since. Despite growing up in beautiful Colorado I did not come from a v... View Full Bio

Kristen Starra
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I am proud to say I am an instructor with the Denver Chapter of Phoenix Multisport, and my passion is being active, in motion, training for anything the great outdoors has to offer, and helping others on the path of recovery.  I started out with Phoenix as a team member and volunteer from... View Full Bio

Kyle Nesbett
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I remember the first night I walked into the Denver location of Phoenix Multisport very well. It was a Wednesday night, and boxing class was in full swing. I stood at the door, in awe of all the people so involved in the class. Heavy bags being hit, mitts being worked, people laughing, and som... View Full Bio

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Roslyn Beall
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Development Manager

I grew up and lived in the Washington DC metropolitan area, except for three years when my mom and I lived in a commune in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. In 1998 I moved from DC to Colorado Springs to get away from my lifestyle of alcohol and drug addiction. Of course, the “geogra... View Full Bio

David (Todd) Jones
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Hi, I'm Todd and I am proud to be one of Phoenix's Colorado Springs instructors. I am a Colorado Springs native and am very excited for the opportunity to be a part of Phoenix Multisport growth in my home town. I came to many of the first Colorado Springs events as a participant, later as a vo... View Full Bio

Boston, Massachusetts

Pat Denbeau
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I came out to California 10 years ago via Cleveland, OH. Ten years ago, my life was a series of burnt bridges and regrettable decisions that allowed me to begin my journey to recovery in the middle of Southern Utah with nothing but a pack and my thoughts. I fell in love with the back country t... View Full Bio

Sydney Durand
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Development Coordinator

I am very excited to be part of the Phoenix Multisport team and to have the opportunity helping develop our Boston Chapter. As a competitive runner with a background in community development and experience leading youth on hiking trips throughout New England, Phoenix is a unique combination of... View Full Bio

Chris Daggett
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Boston Chapter Manager

I’m from Massachusetts and lived there my whole life. I found recovery September 23rd 1990. My love for Motor-Cross Racing and Ice Racing came to a close after some knee injuries. The rehab for my knee brought me to the gym to work-out on a regular basis. I had never been interested in w... View Full Bio


Rourke Weaver
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Partnership Manager

Phoenix Multisport’s main goal is to help give those in recovery a sense of accomplishment and community to help maintain one’s sobriety. I believe that what we do is give hope to those that have no hope. Sports are a crucial part of our program, but it is what comes out of being a... View Full Bio