Scott Strode
Founder and Executive Director

Team Director & Founder: I am a PA boy who landed in CO after eleven years in Boston. I found sobriety on April 8 1997. One of the most influential factors in my sobriety was getting involved in boxing and climbing. I have since developed a passion for mountain biking, triathlon, running, ...

Michele Crane
Chief Operating Officer

Hello! After nearly three years of being a Phoenix Multisport team member and loving and supporting everything they do I have the privilege of now being able to support their mission and operations full time as one of the staff. I discovered sobriety back on April 15th, 2004 and with it a whol...

Wylie Belasik
Director of Programs and Events

Hello! So a bit about me..  Well I'm tall, don't play basketball and am in a relationship with my bike that looks like it's getting pretty serious. I work for Phoenix Multisport as our Director of Programs and Events and love our mission.  It's inspiring to hear the stories of person...

Jacquelyn Hillios
Director of Research

After bouncing back and forth between California and Massachusetts, I’ve found middle ground here in Colorado working with Phoenix Multisport.  I’ve been an avid climber and outdoor enthusiast for a number of years and met Scott Strode while climbing in Boston.  When talk...

Kathleen Hicks
Development Coordinator

Hello! My name is Katie Hicks and I am very excited to be a part of the Phoenix Team! A little bit about myself, I am a Philly-girl at heart but love the outdoors. I enjoy hiking and running outside with a new love for the thrill of reaching the summit of a mountain. I have a Master’s de...

Tamara Marks
Colorado Director of Development and Marketing

Hi! My name is Tamara Marks and I was recently hired as the Colorado Director of Development and Marketing. I am responsible for creating and managing a broad-based fundraising program at Phoenix, cultivating individual and philanthropic support, including grants, major gifts, corporate and fo...


Angie Horner
Bookkeeper/Development Associate

I recently joined Phoenix Multisport as the Bookkeeper/Development Associate. I’m in charge of the bulk of the PM financial processing work, as well as aiding the Development department with managing the donor database and sending out donor thank you letters.

Having an unnatural ...

Mike Britton
Boulder Chapter Manager

Hi, I'm Mike. I feel very lucky to be working for Phoenix Multisport! It is a dream job that fits amazingly well with my interests and experiences! I've always been passionate about the outdoors, nature and being physically active. On Sept 23, 2003, I made the decision to live a sober lifestyl...

Rob Baumgartner
Boulder Chapter Coordinator/Senior Instructor

I grew up in Boulder and spent a lot of time camping, skiing, and hiking. My love for the mountains was one of the reasons I chose to go to school at CU-Boulder, but while I still found time to ski, my priorities began to shift as I spent more and more time partying, then took a job as a barte...

Sean Cahill
Senior Instructor/Manager

I am very honored and excited to be a part of the Phoenix Multisport staff. This is truly a dream job for me. It is awesome to have the opportunity to work with an organization that I so strongly believe in. I was born in Connecticut and grew up bouncing between there and New York. After high ...

Colorado Springs

Cara Bussell
Colorado Springs Chapter Manager

Hello! I am happy to be involved with Phoenix Multisport. Cycling and Meditation were two of the many activities that have helped me tremendously with my sobriety. With cycling, I started off commuting and then got hooked into the road racing scene. I've since competed on the national level. I...

David (Todd) Jones

Hi, I'm Todd and I am proud to be one of Phoenix's Colorado Springs instructors. I am a Colorado Springs native and am very excited for the opportunity to be a part of Phoenix Multisport growth in my home town. I came to many of the first Colorado Springs events as a participant, later as a vo...


Jacob Carrithers
Military and Veterans Program Coordinator/Instructor
  • Denver Cross Fit Trainer – Jacob Carrithers served four years in the US Army as an Artillery Gunner with the 101st Airborne Division.  Jacob became an OEF / OIF veteran after leading soldiers into combat during his two tours in 2003 and 2004 as a Non-Commissioned O...

Ana Brown-Cohen
Research Associate

Hello! My name is Ana Brown-Cohen and I am a Research Associate here at Phoenix Multisport (PM). I joined the PM team in August 2013. I spent my childhood in both Central New York and Hawaii and moved to Colorado to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at the Colorado College. As an a...

Rudy Martinez

Betsy Casey
Development Associate

Hello everyone! I would like to begin by expressing my joy and excitement to be joining the Phoenix team! I got sober in May 2009 and became a Phoenix Multisport team member not long after. It has enhanced my sobriety, quality of life and support system in a way which is truly indescribable. I...

Elizabeth Meade
Partnerships Manager

Hey everyone! I moved to Denver from Oklahoma City in May 2011 and almost immediately became a member of Phoenix Multisport. I first discovered Phoenix Multisport at an AA conference in San Antonio, TX in July 2010. There was a blurb about the organization and its mission in some literature I ...

Kristen Starra

I am proud to say I am an instructor with the Denver Chapter of Phoenix Multisport, and my passion is being active, in motion, training for anything the great outdoors has to offer, and helping others on the path of recovery.  I started out with Phoenix as a team member and volunteer from...

Teigon Shirley

Born and raised in Wheat Ridge, CO.  It was a quick trip down the wrong path that led me into my recovery on May 20, 2010 at age 20.  I found Phoenix Multisport at West Pines Recovery Center, only blocks from where I grew up and went to high school.  Having been an athlete my en...

Rourke Weaver
Denver Chapter Manager

Phoenix Multisport’s main goal is to help give those in recovery a sense of accomplishment and community to help maintain one’s sobriety. I believe that what we do is give hope to those that have no hope. Sports are a crucial part of our program, but it is what comes out of being a...