Quotes From Our Community
That was the best time I had in so long! I really feel like I met some really good people and feel honored to belong to such a great group, thanks for having me and I look forward to many more unbelievable trips, I really hope everyone knows how extremely grateful I am.
Buddy S.
What a great experience for those newly sober.
Just wanted to say thanks to you all for the most professional, educational, and importantly FUN ice climbing trip. As a participant in my first Phoenix trip, i was impressed with the emphasis that was placed on each individuals comforts, safety and enjoyment. All of you work your tails off to ensure the success of each and every individual. To hear everyone so stoked on climbing and life afterwards is so sweet. I feel an instructor's greatest reward is the stoke of their students, and mine was a plenty.
George R.
I recently discovered your organization when I entered the 14 day in-patient program at West Pines. Then, as I continue my sobriety a day at a time, Phoenix has become a critical component of my program. In addition to participating in the open climbs and strength training sessions at West Pines, my husband and I plan to travel with you on the multi-day events.
Kristyn W.
Since 1988, West Pines has been providing inpatient and outpatient addiction services to the Denver metro area. We are very proud of our partnership with Phoenix Multisport. They are providing a unique resource to the recovery community and making a connection with people when they need it most. Their staff are truly dedicated to supporting those wanting to pursue a sober active lifestyle and the value of their contribution back to the community is immeasurable. Phoenix Multisport is making a real difference in the lives of people through a commitment to their singular mission.
Dr. Glenn Most
At 55 years old, Phoenix Multisport is one of the best ideas and organizations I have ever had the privelege of being involved with. What I want to say, and what I am most thankful for, is that the people at Phoenix, because of their commitment and belief in what they do, choose to go not just the extra mile, but the extra hundred miles. Our family member who so desperately needed their help truly may not have survived without it. And I can't say more than that. What Phoenix is doing is no less than saving lives.
Abb A
Phoenix has become a very important part of my life and I truly cherish my friendships with team members. They continue to inspire and motivate me to live a happy, healthy and sober life. What a gift!
Josh McCellan
Hi! Please send a HUGE THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you who were the terrific cheering squad on "the hill" today!!!!! You definitely helped get my butt up the hill with my feet still in the pedals going round-n-round. All the Tri Babes at the end also thought you all were great and appreciated the cheering!
"Tri-Babes" team member
In 24 years of working full time in this field, I have NEVER met the quality of people like you two and your staff at Phoenix Multisport. You amaze me! I loved every minute I spent in the Playground, talking to you, Mark, Mindy, Jacki, Ben and everyone else (without exception). Seeing Scott interact with Michael was wonderful. Hearing both of your presentations all three days impressed me (and made me cry). Getting to see all of you dressed to kill (pun not intended) on Sunday was nice.
Rand K.
Our Family Drug Court was fortunate enough to partner with Phoenix Multisport for a weekend hike with our adult drug court participants in the summer of 2008. Every member of the staff we worked with was a genuine delight and the weekend was a life-altering experience for the twelve adults we were able to send. We look forward to offering this amazing experience in our program for years to come! Thank you Phoenix Multisport!
Becky Bey, Court Coordinator
Phoenix Multisport and its members are truly inspirational
Mark Strode
I continue to be awed by the amazing stories of recovery and transformation, thanks to Phoenix Multisport.
Bill Breyer