Phoenix Multisport programming

Phoenix Multisport offers several types of programming; contracted partnerships, community programs and customized programs on a fee-for-service basis. This allows us to partner with other programs and supporters to help their clients and strengthen our relationships while providing us with revenue to help fund our general community programming. 

For more information about potentially partnering with Phoenix Multisport, please contact Director of Programs and Events, Wylie Belasik (

Contracted Partnerships

A major part of the Phoenix Multisport methodology is to bridge individuals coming out of rehabilitation facilities, inpatient, outpatient, and IOP programs into our broader sober community.  This process begins with some of the work that we on-site in working with our treament center providers.  We offer a unique experience in that individuals are experiencing therapuetic recreation under the watch of our instructors while they are still residents in treatment. This allows individuals to build a familiarity and rapport with the sober network of Phoenix so that they can continue being a team member once they return home and help maintain their sobriety. 

Community Programming

For individuals in the community, we offer free programming to anyone who is in recovery and has at least 48 hours of continous sobriety and adheres to our conduct policy. This programming constitutes over half of all programming that we offer. Disciplines available in community programming have a wider range because of our ability to host events in different settings.  These include; boxing, rock climbing (indoors and out), mountain and road biking, yoga and strength training.

Drug Courts

We run programs for several local drug courts helping individuals get involved in physical activities and providing them with the necessary tools and resources to continue these pursuits once they are out of the program. From hiking to climbing to extended trips, we work with each court to build a trip or program that will most benefit its participants. Phoenix has also run extended backpacking trips for individuals involved in the drug court system in other states. Our trips focus on empowering people with the skills necessary to get out in the wilderness to camp, fish, hike and enjoy the nature in their back yards as an alternative to old behaviors.

Team-Building Retreats for Foundations
Phoenix has provided weekend-long retreats for foundations and offers similar options for those looking for a unique way to facilitate team-building or mission-setting opportunities. Our ties to the philanthropic community afford us many occasions to meet foundation leaders and we’re happy to work with them to give their staffs and boards a memorable experience wherein they can learn about one another while working toward a common goal.

Speaking Engagements
Phoenix is glad to share our message of recovery and hope by providing guest speakers at different events. We have diverse experience in this area, having spoken at rehabs, therapy groups, junior and senior high schools, parent groups, state agencies and governments, professional groups, law enforcement, university groups, both mandated and voluntary, incarcerated drug offenders rallies, conferences and fundraising events.

Customize your experience
Phoenix is staffed with professional instructors in an array of disciplines and has extensive experience in guiding groups of all sizes and ages. Let us work with you to customize and experience!