Before your first event, please try to complete the electronic version or our paperwork HERE. If you are unable to do thids, please arrive a few minutes early to fill out paperwork with an instructor. This includes a waiver, intake form, and Team Member Agreement (TMA). The TMA encourages a safe, supportive environment at events and addresses topics such as: a commitment to sobriety, appropriate behavior among team members, appropriate speech, no tobacco use at Phoenix events, etc. In an effort to ensure a safe and comfortable environment, instructors may address situations in which members are not adhering to the agreement.

If you are new to Phoenix, the best way to get started is to attend an event.

Events are listed on our calendar and are open to anyone with 48 hours of sobriety (Members who attend regularly should be committed to maintaining a sober lifestyle).

Note that Intermediate or Advanced events may have prerequisite skill levels listed. Some events may require RSVP in advance in order to attend (these will say so on the event page listing). If you have questions about a specific event, please contact the event leader listed on the event posting, or call the corresponding chapter office.

Membership is free, however, we do encourage members to consider making a $50 donation to PM every six months. While this donation is not required, it is encouraged for those who have the means, and helps us keep programming free for those who can't afford it.

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to ask any of our instructors at events, or contact our office at 303-440-0547.