Our mission is to foster a supportive, physically active community for individuals who are recovering from alcohol and substance abuse and for those who choose to live a sober life. Through such pursuits as climbing, hiking, running, swimming, road and mountain biking, and other activities, we seek to help our members develop and maintain the emotional strength they need to stay sober.

We choose activities which we believe have inherent transformative properties, then introduce people to these in a safe, supportive setting. By giving people the tools to participate in and empowering them to excel at new endeavors, we help build confidence and self-worth, while creating sober social networks in which they can comfortably push their boundaries, make new friends, and learn about themselves.

The core of what Phoenix Multisport does is to provide access to numerous different activities for participants of all skill levels. These events are offered at many different times and locations, and at no cost to participants, in order to minimize barriers to participation due to schedule or financial issues. We offer activities in a broad range of intensity, from board games and crafts nights to several-day camping and climbing trips.

Weekly Activities & Events:

These frequent, diverse and free events are the backbone of PM's programming. Every week we offer approximately 40 events along the Front Range of Colorado encompassing a wide variety of activities. These include socials, walking, race training, group yoga classes, cycling, climbing, snowboarding, and many more. Events are lead by well-trained, experienced instructors in each field.  Skill level varies from absolute beginner to advanced.  Check out our disciplines pages for a complete list of activities and what’s offered in your area and our staff & instructors pages to meet our instructors.

Our goal in offering such a wide variety of activities at all levels is to make an active lifestyle accessible to anyone who is trying to live sober.  Maintaining sobriety alone can be an enormous challenge, one which requires tremendous resources.  Leading a physically active lifestyle and having a broad social network of peers can be of immense value, and helps people to stay sober while enhancing their quality of life. By empowering people to push through the barriers they so often create for themselves, we help them make a poignant transformation wherein they stop seeing themselves as addicts and begin seeing themselves as climbers, runners, or triathletes.

In addition to regularly scheduled weekly events, we host many special events such as our spring and fall picnics, multiday trips, socials, etc.  We often present slideshows highlighting outstanding accomplishments of our team members and staff, clinics in collaboration with local sports enthusiasts and professional athletes, as well as other fun team-building experiences. 

Clinics are an important complement to the sports we pursue. Some of our regularly scheduled clinics include:  Belay and Lead Belay Climbing clinics, Introduction to Car Camping, Backpacking Skills, Leave No Trace, Running and Triathlon Training. 

In order to remove financial barriers to sports, we host an annual fundraising gala and auction. Without this particular event, as well as the regular support we receive from our donors, none of these other activities would be possible.  To find out more about ways you can support Phoenix and combat addiction, please visit the “Support & Donate Section” of the website.

Check out our calendar for listings of events in your area and Join Phoenix / Become a Team Member for a complete description of what means to be a Team Member!

Multi-Day Trips:

Here at Phoenix we believe that setting and working toward goals is important to personal growth. That’s one of the reasons why we run several big events every year. We love to see our members deciding to do something extraordinary and then taking the necessary steps to make it happen.  We host several multi-day events each year, including our annual trips to Moab, Utah and Ouray, Colorado.

Many people turn to drugs and alcohol due to difficulties in making social connections, resulting in feelings of isolation that can be hard to surmount. One of the benefits of multi-day trips is that they give our members the opportunity to spend several days getting to know one another and making friendships that don't always come together as easily or as cohesively at single events. These trips help people to clear this hurdle by bringing together large groups of sober people in a supportive and social setting. Members play together by day, then get together around a dinner table or campfire in the evenings to share stories. These trips help create a feeling of belonging in a community, enabling people to get past their social hang-ups to form lasting bonds and meaningful relationships.

It is important to note that these multi-day trips differ slightly from our weekly events in that they do have a minimal cost to Team Members associated with attendance. We do not charge for the individual events held during trips, but we do split the cost of food and lodging with those who participate. Costs to participants are generally held to under $15/day with the exception of Ouray, where our room costs are slightly higher. Even still, the daily cost remains very low - only around $50/day for lodging and food!


In Utah we offer multiple events like road and mountain biking, trail running, hiking, and rock climbing, then camp together at a huge group campsite. Often these events are the culmination of months of learning and preparation by our members. We work together to build skills and experience beforehand so members can get maximum enjoyment out of these trips.


In Ouray we teach ice climbing over several days, snowshoe, ski at Telluride and hang out in the natural hot springs! This event is held over New Years for a reason: not only are the ice and snow conditions usually great, but this holiday is symbolic, marking the end of one era and the beginning of another. For many of our participants, NYE can be a difficult reminder of past years filled with regrettable decisions. Our Ouray trip gives them the opportunity to replace distressing thoughts with new experiences, and to begin a new tradition!


In winter, in addition to regular day trips into the mountains to ski/snowboard, we run a two-day/two-night ski trip to Aspen, Colorado.  This event is made possible through of our relationship with Jaywalker Lodge in Carbondale. Without help from Jaywalker, accommodations and lift ticket would be cost-prohibitive..


Each summer we run multi-day camping trips in places like Rocky Mountain National Park to give people the experience, skills and confidence to undertake these types of adventures themselves.  There is nothing like sitting around a campfire with friends and sleeping out in the wilderness to relieve the stresses of our everyday lives!


Social Networking:


At PM we recognize that athletics are not for everyone and that even the most dedicated athlete needs to take a rest day once in a while. To help our members enjoy life outside of athletics, we offer several social events each week, as well as on our extended trips.  A number of studies show that people with strong social networks have a better chance of maintaining their sobriety than those who attempt to go it alone. Besides just having fun with each other, creating a strong, sober social network is at the heart of what we do.  In addition to athletic events, we also host and run events like social time at the local coffee shop and lunch in the park.  Many who have struggled in addiction find it difficult to socialize and simply be around other people when not using.  We strive to provide a safe and supportive environment to encourage people to re-engage with their peers and re-learn many of the social skills that drugs and alcohol abuse often robs from people.

Besides providing social opportunities on their own, these events are also a great chance for "cross-pollination": mountaineers meet climbers, Xterra racers shoot the breeze with Ironmen, Yoga junkies hang with weight lifters, roadies talk with their fat tire counterpart…in extreme cases, skiers can be seen fraternizing with snowboarders! These events are a good place to hear about what is going on in the big world outside of your favorite sport. Careful who you talk to though, you just might get pulled into other events!


We wouldn’t be successful and reach the numbers we do without our online presence and community.  In addition to our website that is chock full of all kinds of news, event postings, photos etc.,  Phoenix Multisport has Facebook page with thousands of friends. We regularly use this platform to get the word out about social, special and volunteer events.  We've also created specific club pages on Facebook to facilitate members networking with each other to get out for bike ride, runs or just grabbing lunch together.

A little disclaimer about interactions outside of Phoenix Multisport:

At Phoenix Multisport, we strive to create a safe community for sober people to interact and enjoy an active lifestyle.  In order to become a member, we require that participants sign our Team Member Agreement.  In this agreement, we outline various topics concerning appropriate behavior among Team Members.  Some of these topics include:  48 hour sobriety requirement, tobacco policy, appropriate speech and relationships among members, public records checks, staff discretion, etc.  Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to monitor interactions that take place outside of PM events and our online community (www.phoenixmultisport.org).   Phoenix Multisport’s Facebook profile is one example of a forum in which our ability to monitor interactions is limited.  Therefore, we ask members to be mindful about how they interact with each other.  Please pay attention to “gut” reactions and consider discontinuing contact (text, phone, Facebook, etc.) if you feel unsafe in any way.  Lastly, don’t hesitate to contact Phoenix Multisport staff members about any safety concerns.